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Adoption Home Studies for Embryo Donation
If you are considering becoming a parent through embryo donation, Summit Adoption Home Studies can assist you by completing your prospective parent adoption home study.  With some programs, a family must complete an "embryo" adoption home study before they can be matched with a donating couple.  This type of home study addresses some additional issues related to the procedure used to conceive in addition to the traditional format for an adoption home study and assures the donors that the resulting child will be raised by parents who have had background checks as well as good personal and social history.

Summit Adoption Home Study Services to Prospective Parent(s) include: 

star_cy.gifHome study and post-placement services 
Adoption Home Study Fee $2,400 or
includes 1 Post-Placement visit/Report to Court


Because of the legal issues involved, families considering this option must consult with an attorney with experience in this area as well as with an ethical medical provider and/or donation center.

Many couples addressing fertility issues attempt to conceive through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and harvest multiple eggs and generally produce more than one embryo.  If the couple conceives and delivers a child and decides to have no more children, they may not use all of the stored frozen embryos.  The couples may decide to have the remaining unused embryos donated or placed for adoption.  This can be done either through private medical providers or agencies established to assist with embryo adoption.
The recipients of the frozen embryo who wish to conceive and deliver the child become that child’s legal parents.  The adopting family may either be known to the donors or may maintain anonymity.  The issue of “openness” is similar to that in a traditional adoption process and will be determined by the desires of the donating parents and the adoptive family.
With embryo adoption, the adopting mother must be able to carry a child full-term.  This is different from a surrogacy situation -with embryo adoption, the adoptive mother carries the child or children.  The donating couple transfers or legally relinquishes parental rights to any children born from the embryos before the embryos are implanted into the adoptive mother.  The adoptive family is then legally responsible for the embryos and any resulting children. 

There are many  helpful web sites to locate the services for
 embryo donor programs
for Minnesota families!

Always check references, legality, and legitimacy of the service!

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